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Ringlet, the first town

Ringlet felt more like a trading area for commercial activities with its various "kedai runcit" and old style shops for the Cameron Highland folks. Ringlet is the first town on the road to Cameron Highlands from Tapah. It is a hub of Malaysia's vegetable farming and international flower farming sector.
It is usually bypassed by most visitors. For the intrepid explorer it could be an interesting place to walk about. This town was the first settlement in the Cameron Highlands so it has a long history around this area.
The town looks very typical of any lowland settlements in Peninsula Malaysia, with its old shophouses, roadside parking spaces and slow-moving traffic.
There are a few outlets for basic supply purchases here, such as petrol station, sundry shops, restaurants, etc. Considering one may have driven for about one hour through the winding road of Tapah - Ringlet route, the town of Ringlet can possibly be an acceptable pit stop for some rest time or potty break, but nothing else.
As you drive around the bend on the main road you can see the vast valley area populated by the old style housing of the locals.

Ringlet, agricultural hub.

Ringlet is located at an elevation of 1,135 metres above sea-level, Ringlet is one of the main agricultural hub for the highlands. Bertam Valley which is located about 5km away is one of the main flower and vegetable producers in Cameron highlands. You wont find any hotels here in Ringlet. The nearest hotel is the LakeHouse which is less then 10 minutes away. If you are driving through Ringlet, you may want to make a quick stop for petrol and even take in the surrounding attractions that include a market, a tender and a temple.


The main Street.

  The Lakehouse is situated at approximately 1000 meter above sea level in the Cameron Highlands, about 200 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur. A Tudor-style country house, the Lake House sits atop a hill overlooking the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake, yet it is within a short distance from the towns of Tanah Rata and Ringlet and many key attractions. At the Lakehouse, guests are pampered with a fine selection of the best traditional English cuisine, beverages and wine at the hotel's high standard restaurant

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